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Gambia Media Support

Journalistic training in the Gambia

The Gambia has no school of journalism. Journalists are just trained on the job. In 2009 Gambia Media Support, in cooperation with Gambia Press Union, launched the Professional Reporter Program as part of the project  Media for Development – Development for Media , to meet the demand for journalistic training in the Gambia.

Haddija Jawara

Haddija Jawara is one of 12 young Gambians who graduated from the two years’ training early this year. She is now a professional reporter, but she is også one of the trainers in the new Professional Reporter program,  Media for Advocacy Advocacy for Media , thatwill be running for the next three years in the Gambia. Haddija has also been elected to the board of the Gambian Press Union .

We support the media in the Gambia

Together with our Gambian colleagues, Gambia Media supports media development in Gambia: We support the Gambian press and help strengthen and professionalize professional, journalistic and organizational capacity and practice.


Gambia Media Support needs your help! There are many ways you can contribute to the organization’s continued work and survival: You can become a member, engage as a volunteer, work as a teacher in some of our projects, donate money or IT equipment to the Gambian press and much more.