Nyhedsarkiv 2006-10

Nyhedsarkiv 2006-2010

(Denne side eksisterer kun på engelsk. Men nyhedsbrevene nedenunder er hovedsagligt på dansk)

Newsletter December 2010

Gambian newspaper The Point, Ebrima SawanehGames calls for reaction to more detetions of journalists. Read also the follow-up on Games’ petition from Newletter June 2009.


Newsletter December 2010

Read reports from a volunteer training colleague in Gambia, give a membership as a christmaspresent and see Games’ new Board members – all in this newsletter.


Newsletter August 2010

What are the conditions for women journalists in Gambia? And how do you make good journalism with few resources? Learn more about this and see the fine prize for the Chairman of Games!

Newsletter February 2010

Undervisning med Flemming SeiersenRead about Games’ many successful projects with GPU, about the colleague-2-colleague training, the volunteer’s work and how to make a two years journalism education on a shoestring!


Newsletter September 2009

By pardoning and releasing six journalists, Jammeh won five times – read the analysis and Jammeh’s critique of the West’s cry for freedom of the press.


Newsletter June 2009

GPU members and journalists imprisoned in Gambia. Read Games’ petition and some illuminating articles about the media conditions in Gambia – written by a volunteer for Games .

Newsletter December 2008

GPU’s new Board creates grounds for a great future in cooperation with Games. How? Read about it here, together with stories from Games’ projects in Gambia.


Newsletter October 2007

c2c project in GambiaGambia Media Support has received economic support for partnership activities with GPU, and needs skilled and engaged experts for its c2c project activities – are you up for it?


Newsletter April 2007

JammehRead about the dangers of being a journalist in Gambia, about newly imprisoned colleagues, and Games’ first six missions in Gambia.


Newsletter December 2006

Deyda HydaraRead about the GPU receiving the International Press Freedom Award 2007, Games’ workshop about covering the election, a murdered reproter who fought for the freedom the press.



Newsletter September 2006

JammehThe election 2006 is on the doorsteps, and so is Games’ first professional mission in Gambia. Read more about this and the established international support to strengthen the press.



External news articles from the media situation in the Gambia 2006-2009 (opens in PDF)